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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Definition Matters – it refers to natural products from organic or isolated from natural sources.

Quality is NOT negotiable for us. We only source ingredients that are free of chemicals and are never genetically-modified. We use the purest ingredients; CMP manufacturing and rigorous testing is done on each product to ensure the highest quality of professional products available.

Additionally, because we know scientifically that specific genres of foods and substances induce inflammation, our products NEVER contain nightshades, nitrates, sulfites, or soy.


We adhere to the principles taught by our expert, Dr. Gloria Gilbère, in order to help our clients achieve and maintain wellness. As with everything in life, balance is key. You cannot achieve wellness without first attending to the body’s metabolic system beginning with wholistic protocols to detoxify any toxic heavy metals and then balance nutritional imbalances as indicated in various laboratory testing methods including, but not limited to, hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA).

Never Tested 
on Animals

We believe that no product should be tested on animals – our products or ingredients are ever tested on animals. Additionally, none of our products contain animal by-products.

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