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            For over 30 years, Dr. Gloria has guided millions to wellness from what many consider “invisible illnesses” through her revolutionary protocols for Wholistic Rejuvenation, her more than 3,000 articles and 28 books, and programs she developed and teaches around the world as post-graduate courses and to medical interns in teaching hospitals.


Dr. Gloria Gilbère is a…

  • doctor of naturopathy and natural health;

  • classical and clinical homeopath;

  • certified hair tissue mineral analysis practitioner;

  • retired certified dental professional;

  • certified dietary supplement counselor;

  • specialist in EcoErgonomics / Environmental Health;

  • certified specialist in environmental color psychology.


In Addition, she is…

  • a Health Detective,

  • an International Medical Journalist,

  • Founder of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation – postgraduate education now in over 6 countries,

  • a syndicated radio show host

  • creator of post-graduate courses for Certification in Wholistic Rejuvenation


            After a life-threatening accident and the subsequent drug therapies, Dr. Gilbere developed many "invisible illnesses" that were not recognized by the medical establishment. She recovered via non-drug methods – practicing what she teaches – and built a global practice and respect based on sharing her knowledge about what works, what doesn't, and what it takes to maintain health in a toxic world and rebuild health after a serious attack on the immune defenses and the subsequent multiple allergic response syndromes.


            She is internationally respected as a natural-medicine researcher and journalist, environmental health consultant, author, and authoritative influence in the discovery of the causes, effects, and non-drug solutions for overcoming chemically-induced immune system and inflammatory disorders and multiple allergic response syndromes.

            She has authored 28 books, including best-sellers:

  • I was POISONED by my body,

  • Invisible Illnesses,

  • Chemical Cuisine – Do You REALLY Know What You’re Eating?

  • Pain & Inflammation Matters – Foods that “Ignite” Inflammation,

  • Your Thyroid and Uncovering INVISIBLE Health Disorders through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

NaturalRejuvenation Solutions is the exclusive distributor of all products used and recommended by Dr. Gloria Gilbère

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