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“It continually amazes me how few people know so little about their eyes and eye health. As a profession, we eye care providers have not done enough to educate our patients on what they can do and should do to keep their eyes healthy—often, time just doesn’t allow for nutrition and supplementation education. Dr. Gloria brings many of these very common eye health issues to light in her new book; it should be read by everyone, especially those over age 40. Her book provides “tools” to educate ourselves so we can take charge of our own eye health.”

—Dr. Evie Lawson, OD
This book provides you with the following information and more…

The “Blind Truths” about the epidemic of eye disorders, particularly in baby-boomers. It also provides a checklist for healthy vision.
An in-depth look at the origin of headaches, the sinus and eye connection, and natural therapies for eyestrain and sinus headaches.
Eye health secrets including a Chinese juice remedy, exercises to fight floaters and flashes, and self-tests for eye diseases.
Published case histories and investigative reports regarding ocular headaches and posterior vitreal detachment.
This book, an easy read, is well illustrated in full color. The principles outlined are those of Wholistic Rejuvenation—using pluralistic approaches to achieve wellness.

Dr. Gilbere is unique as a natural health practitioner; she specializes in coaching clients with chemically-induced immune system, chronic and inflammatory disorders. The type of client she counsels worldwide, both via telephone and Skype, best positions her to present case histories and in-depth research to help you take proactive steps to maintain and support your health.

She is globally renowned for her investigative work and publications dealing with disorders that are under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed and over-medicated. She provides her readers and clients the “tools” to enable them to identify the underlying causes of their disorder—enabling them to achieve wellness. She practices wholistic and nutrition-based medicine—dealing with the entire person…and…that must include eye health.

Don’t Be BLIND To Degenerative Eye Diseases

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