Once laboratory results are received, Dr. Gilbère will email or call you to arrange a telephone one-to-one consultation – normally that occurs approx. 3 weeks from date of submission.



The cost of the HTMA INCLUDES your consultation with Dr. Gilbère via telephone worldwide in 19 countries (she calls you). It covers only recommendations/interpretation of results; it is not a new client consult for a full work-up of other health issues – the cost for this is $149. USD. If you decide to become a full client within 90 days, the cost of the HTMA will be deducted from the initial new client consultation fee of $240 which INCLUDES an initial 60 min. consultation and follow-up calls to guide you and answer questions/concerns for 90 days, usually a call per month but may be more often at the discretion of Dr. Gilbère.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)



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