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The subject at-hand requires underscoring to emphasize that many of today’s diseases and disorders are based on yesterday’s dental work and current conventional dental practices and hygiene, and a biased consciousness. It’s about connecting oral health and overall health. Dangerous bacteria not only play havoc in our mouth, they are also responsible for cellular dysfunction and destruction, inflammation, autoimmune disorders and premature aging, to mention a few.
Within these 17 chapters you will learn from a doctor of natural health, who studied and worked in dentistry for eleven years, and what her detective work uncovered many years later that conventional physicians and dentists are not taught, won’t address, and deny the existence of most biological/alternative dental procedures—unless specifically trained in non-toxic dentistry.

The following is a sampling…

• Biological vs. Conventional Dentistry
• Connection of Oral Health & Inflammation(Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc.)
• Is Your Expensive Dental Work A False Sense of Security?
• Your Teeth are Connected to What?
• Cavitations — A Subterranean River of Toxins
• Why & When Periodontal Disease Becomes Life-Threatening
• New Technologies — New Hope for Gum Disease, Pain/Inflammation & Rapid Healing
• Heavy Metal — NOT Something to Chew On
•Gassed Canals — The Dangers of Root Canals
• Infant Oral Health — What Every Parent Must Know
• Food & Ingredients that “Ignite” Inflammation
• Research & Case Studies
• How to Protect Yourself Before, During & After Dental Work

I Was Poisoned By My Teeth

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