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Dr. Gilbere is a doctor’s doctor; she’s my doctor. When I consulted a local internist about my pain and invisible illness years ago, he told me flat out, I can’t help you. He didn’t know how, or where to refer me. Many physicians don’t even recognize the existence of the invisible illnesses Dr. Gilbere has personally recovered from, written about, and helped others design their natural path to overcome these disorders.

The area of alternative medicine is very perplexing. You need to educate yourself and be an active participant in your own healthcare.

After working closely with Dr. Gilbere and studying her new book carefully, I can honestly testify that it belongs in the library of every person with pain, inflammation and invisible illnesses.

You are in for a real treat! David A. Hall, M.D., Dean Emeritus, World Health Medical School,

The first in a series of 96-page, symptom-specific guides providing What You Really Need to Know to prevent and reverse debilitating pain and inflammation without drugs and their side effects often times worse than the original condition.

Written by a doctor who became a victim and recovered, after a life-threatening accident, a prescription-induced digestive disorder, and the subsequent onset of fibromyalgia and chronic inflammation.

Pain / Inflammation Matters

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