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■ Providing your body quality protein from healthy cows NOT given rBGH
or BST hormones;
■ Using a pure bioactive form of whey – easier for your body to absorb
and use;
■ Insuring the whey protein is NEVER denatured – not heated at high
temperatures that can damage protein molecules;
■ Insuring a full-complement of protein benefits from whey* including
immunoglobulin (IgG), lactoferrin (IF), glycomacropeptides (GMP),
beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, and – protecting your health
and immunity;
■ Prebiotics, called fructooligosaccharides (FOS) – fuel-food for your
health-enhancing intestinal bacteria – assisting immune responses and
overall digestion and rejuvenation;
■ Only a natural form of sweetener – in this whey, ONLY Stevia;
■ A high per dose serving of protein – in this whey 20 mg = 40% dv;
■ No sugar added – in this whey <1 g naturally-occurring;
■ Low carbohydrate per serving – in this whey 3 g = less than 1% dv
■ No fat – in this whey = 0%

■ Antioxidant – especially effective at protecting against cancer by its
antioxidant-promoting properties
■ Increases glutathione – effective at protecting cells in the human
prostate especially in oxidant-induced prostate cell death4
■ Antiviral
■ Antibacterial
■ As part of treatment protocols (cancer, HIV, hep. B, osteoporosis,
cardiovascular disease)
■ Exercise performance enhancement
■ Increases lean muscle mass1
■ High concentration of amino acids, particularly leucine, ideal for
increasing protein synthesis – for muscle repair and building
■ Weight-loss & Fat-loss – while protecting lean muscle tissue3
■ Effective at reducing insulin sensitivity2
■ Provides energy supports a healthy metabolism and the body’s
ability to repair cells

Why This Whey

 Carbohydrate (3 g)
 Glycemic Index
 Calorie (90 per serving)

 Added Sugar
 Artificial Sweeteners
 Added Glutamates
 Added Hydrolyzed Whey
 Added Sugar (< 1 g)
 Fat (zero)
 Added Hormones
 Artificial Colors
 Corn Syrup
 Coconut Oil

 Protein (20 g per serving)
 Amino Acid Profile

IWR Whey Protein Drink Mix

SKU: 14020801
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